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June 2010: Series 6 part 2 has been released. DVD pages have been updated.

What's going on?

March 31, 2010: I've been rethinking the whole conversion to Joomla plan for a bunch of OCD and control-freak reasons. So, for now, I'm just going to try to finish up the original redesign of the site as a static HTML/CSS site.

Happy Birthday, John!


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A Country Practice was an award-winning Australian soap opera/drama produced by JNP Films that aired from 1981 to 1993 on Seven Network and in 1994 on Channel Ten.

How it all began: In 1980, James Davern began writing the script for what was then called "In General Practice", as an entry for a scriptwriting contest being sponsored by Channel 10 in Sydney, Australia. According to James' proposal, the script was intended to be the pilot for a serial dramatic program. The program was to be an ensemble show centred on the hospital, medical clinic, veterinary practice, and police station in a small fictional town called Wandin Valley in New South Wales... [more]

About us: This site is largely an archive of A Country Practice related information and images. Since the show has long since stopped production and isn't airing in repeats in very many places right now, it has dropped out the minds of most fans and this site has ceased to become the dynamic and living thing that it was. I had thoughts at one point of building a true community for fans but something that works for a show that is still airing or has developed a huge cult following just won't work with A Country Practice. Now that the DVDs are coming out, it may be possible to resurrect the community aspect but for now I'm just going to continue to try to finish adding the information and whatnot that I had planned on adding. When that's done, this site may just become a static museum of sorts of all things ACP. Then again, maybe it'll take on a new life. [more about the site]

Still, picture me not so much as the matron of old but as the archivist, seeking to preserve the memory of this much-loved show.

*We miss you, SydWe miss you, GordonWe miss you, Sophie