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  "Mad Molly Jones"
  At the end of the episode "Molly", after Molly Jones had succumbed to leukemia, a retrospective of photos of her was shown, over which Bob Hatfield read a heart wrenching poem called "Mad Molly Jones".  

"Mad", we said, "Mad Molly Jones"
But then we didn't know
The kindness that was hers to spare
The joy that she took everywhere
We simply didn't know.

"Mad", we said, "Mad Molly Jones"
But then we hadn't heard
How she could fight to save a flower,
And give each man and dog his hour
We simply hadn't heard.

"Mad", we said, "Mad Molly Jones"
But then we hadn't seen
That she could make a dull day bright,
That she was colour, warmth, and light
We simply hadn't seen.

Molly Jones, it's over
Yet we cnnot say goodbye
For all the loveliness we knew
And love of life and friendship true
And laughter brave once dwelt in you

And how can such things die?


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