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Lucy Gardiner

Lucy and RhettLucy was born in Wollongong. Her father, Patrick, was a steel worker, and her mother, Lois, was in show business as a dance teacher, choreographer, and actress. Lucy was expected to go into show business as well but, after watching a friend die of leukemia, she decided to become a nurse. She studied midwifery at Wollongong Hospital and did a year in Casualty, where she met and fell in love with a young intern named Warwick Saunders. He left her behind when he won a scholarship to the U.S. -- unfortunately, he'd already infected her with chlamydia, leaving her fallopian tubes scarred and rendering her incapable of conceiving a child.

Lucy came to Wandin Valley in February 1989 to work as a nurse at the hospital. She was very bubbly and full of life. And she had a huge heart -- she was always fighting for some cause or another (very like Molly in that regard). She liked to collect animals -- she had a rooster named Rhett, chooks, and angora goats (among others). She was going to buy a car but decided that a bicycle was more her style. She lived with Cathy for awhile (until Cathy got married) and then moved in with Steve and Ann before she and Matt finally moved in together. She loved to play the piano (though she was still a beginner).

Matt and LucyShe and Matt found each other while they were sharing Cathy's house. They began renovating their dream home before they got married but the house (and just about everything they owned) was destroyed in a huge bush fire (that was set by a pyromaniac). They eventually found and bought another farmhouse (supposedly haunted by the ghost of a little girl named Erin and containing an old rickety wood stove that Lucy called "Ivan the Terrible"). Their marriage almost didn't happen, when Lucy's mom and dad threatened to split up, but they were finally web by both a Catholic priest and a Protestant reverend. Lucy discovered she was allergic to dogs so they had to give their dog (aptly named "Dog") to Luke. Matt's surgery used to be attached to Shirley's house but was moved onto his property once he and Lucy moved in.

Lucy in hospital (with Dr. Elliott)Because of the damage to her fallopian tubes, Lucy encountered great difficulty getting pregnant once she and Matt decided to have children. They considered adoption and at one point fostered an infant named Jason who they grew to love. Lucy tried in vitro fertilization (IVF) but none of the eggs took. She finally decided to have an operation to try to repair some of the damage to her tubes. She was obsessed with getting pregnant and it almost destroyed the marriage. She learned she was pregnant in November 1991 and gave birth to baby boy, whom they named James, in April 1992 (in an episode which aired on my birthday, making James a Taurus). Matt and Lucy moved to Vietnam shortly after that, to work on Matt's father's project there.

  small photo of Georgie Parker The role of Lucy Gardiner
was played by
Georgie Parker

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